Why Layering Necklaces Is the New Arm Candy

Waldman Rachel (2017, 6) Why Layering Necklaces is the New Arm Candy, Retrieved from https://www.vogue.com


Call it the new arm candy. While there are no hard-and-fast rules, it’s all about telling a story. What does your neckline say about you? Marlo Laz’s talisman coin charm comingling with Pascale Monvoisin’s turquoise trinket and Prada’s crystal-embellished panther pendant says “sentimental and superstitious.” Tory Burch's scarab next to Atelier Zobel’s heart spear and James Colarusso’s dainty heart wrapped necklace reads “newly smitten.” Lizzie Forunato’s strand of shells and stones swaying alongside Ela Rae’s lasso-like lanyard and Rebecca De Ravenel’s wraparound (and perennially sold-out) woven choker cord telegraphs that you’re nostalgic for warmer days.
Whatever confections you choose, the more the merrier: It’s a harmonious mash-up that goes equally well with a slip dress or structured suiting.